The Dragon’s Loyalty Award


dragon-loyalty-award First of all, thank you to ALifeMoment for nominating me for this award. It took me quite some time to get down to doing it, what with all my running up and down. Yes, I have not forgotten about it.

To those who visit upon this post, please do pay her blog a visit. She has the most awesome recipes of food that has generous sprinkles of homeliness – simple and with heart and soul. But a warning to all, do not check her blog posts in the wee hours of the morning less you want to risk going hungry at the great food pictures. It always hits me whenever I drop by to look see. 😉

This blogger award is to be given to those who visit your blog often, like your posts, and leave comments.

According to the rules of this award I have to share some facts about myself…

  1. I am a person that’s very interested in the conceptual and philosophical

  2. I spend a lot of time in thought, questioning life and its many inner workings

  3. I am part of the entertainment industry – making a transition from digital artist to the production management side

  4. My favourite colour is white

  5. I believe that in life, nothing is more important than truth, honesty and integrity

  6. I am FMA (Filipino Martial Arts) practitioner going on for 3 years and encounting now 

  7. Everybody in life has their struggles, and behind every single journey lies one or many driving forces. Mine is self freedom and adherence to the call of duty as a son for his family. What is yours?

I would like to thank the following bloggers who have showed much of their support for my thoughts put to words. You are the ones who tell me that it is okay to be myself and speak my mind. Thank you. (this also includes you ALifeMoment)

Also, thank you to the fellow visitors who stop by my blog as well. I hope you enjoy your visit. 🙂

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