Philosophical Muse : A Walk Down Cinema Lane and It’s Meaningful Path

Just came home from a night out with Zootopia. I must say it was an amazing experience. It’s been a while since I wrote my thoughts regarding a movie. This movie has indeed left quite an impression on me.
The beautiful thing about this movie is that while it’s a story about anthropomorphic characters, these characters have very human narratives and backstories. Highly relatable and dangerously real and close to home underneath the cutsie facade.
The twists are nice and I’m actually glad this wasn’t a movie that was trying to sell music (cough cough, Frozen, cough cough). To be honest, I couldn’t really care less about the Shakira theme song.
What this movie sold, to me at least, was that magic that James Cameron’s Avatar or Harry Potter did to many members of the audience. It sold a beautiful world, a whole new experience and look to a different world that is so fantastically close to us, yet so far. Immense credit must go to the concept artists who fleshed out this amazing world. Such beauty mesmerising and so capable of taking so many of us viewers on a wonderful ride and journey.
Although that said, I might say that this time around Disney really went quite blatant with the easter egg of their upcoming projects. It’s no mystery to all who are fans that Disney always sneak in easter eggs of their upcoming projects in many various forms for the keen-eyed fan. This movie though had much less subtlety than the ones before.
For those who have been following, I see Moana there. ;D
I won’t go further than that.
The feels for this movie are there. It is a heartwarming, touching tale and that’s the way movies should be. It’s all about story and not just bling or techno visual wizardry.
Safe to say, it left me captivated and fulfilled walking out of the cinema. There was also a tinge of sadness.
The thing is, like with all movies, I stay back and watch the credits, a habit I picked up ever since my days in RnH. Not for any hidden endings or anything but just to see the names. It’s actually a good habit because the credits tell several stories, not least of which is the amount of work put in to give us that magical 1.5 hours or so in the cinema hall.
A movie that has left such an impression and brought some magic back into my life such as this left me with nostalgia and a lot of food for thought. As I watched the movie credits scroll I was transported back into the world of cinema, to be reminded of the world that I used to be in.
The cinema experience holds a special place for many of us, a place where we go in to get transported away to fantastical worlds and endless possiblities only imaginable by the human mind. And to be a part of the team that brought such magic to many hearts, that’s really something amazing and meaningful.
It really got me thinking a lot. The pride of being part of such a team isn’t about the fame, that one was part of some grand money-making pursuit. No. It’s just simply the satisfaction I get from being part of a meaningful journey.
Entertainment brings people to far away lands that only exists in the imagination, something reality always snaps us out of. Even if for a mere 1.5 hours or so, being able to bring people a plethora of emotions and experiences and take them away from the drudgery of reality, there’s a certain sense of nobility to it.
We artists who are part of the entertainment industry give people an avenue to go beyond the confines of their realities. We play an important role in expanding the mind and filling it with many possibilities out there, or planting ideas and thoughts when there was none to begin with.
I have to say that being in this industry for a good 6 or 7 or so years, I am filled with this sort of pride and inner happiness. That I was a part of something that impacted the lives of viewers.
The issues and grievances faced in my journey were never really about the work done but come instead from the people I had come across who had ulterior motives other than to be happy and be part of this mental playground and imaginative work world.
Watching the credits roll, I felt a little sad. I missed the world of cinema. I guess I am in another part of the industry now. But cinema will always have a special place for me.
But regardless, back to the creative industry as a whole.
There’s some meaning to the work I do; whether it’s being able to move the hearts of audiences and open their minds, or support and make the lives of the people behind such amazing works easier and smoother in the quest to create something that leaves a mark on others (the people outside the industry) and puts a tick in list of meaningful things in our lives (the ones inside the industry).
The team behind the work that all see on the monitors, screens and whatever else media outlets there are out there work tirelessly to bring ideas intangible to tangible forms and materials. They work hard because they believe in something. And throughout my years I’ve learnt that it takes a certain mind and heart to be a part of this industry. Those who have had other motives besides an artistic one (the artistic being a motive of passion and love for the work they do that they pay life, health and time for it), are the ones who don’t tend to last long in this industry.
It’s an industry of passion and like all craft, something that is worked upon and refined and embedded so much into the beings of those truly involved in it, that it becomes their lifeblood. You can’t take it out of them. It’s in their nature to want to create something beautiful, or be part of something amazing and extraordinary.
It’s a meaningful profession. It’s unfortunate that many traditional mindsets frown upon the artistic industry and claim it not practical or contain any significant impact on others. They couldn’t be more far from the truth.

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