Philosophical Muse : A Walk Down Cinema Lane and It’s Meaningful Path

Just came home from a night out with Zootopia. I must say it was an amazing experience. It’s been a while since I wrote my thoughts regarding a movie. This movie has indeed left quite an impression on me.
The beautiful thing about this movie is that while it’s a story about anthropomorphic characters, these characters have very human narratives and backstories. Highly relatable and dangerously real and close to home underneath the cutsie facade.
The twists are nice and I’m actually glad this wasn’t a movie that was trying to sell music (cough cough, Frozen, cough cough). To be honest, I couldn’t really care less about the Shakira theme song.
What this movie sold, to me at least, was that magic that James Cameron’s Avatar or Harry Potter did to many members of the audience. It sold a beautiful world, a whole new experience and look to a different world that is so fantastically close to us, yet so far. Immense credit must go to the concept artists who fleshed out this amazing world. Such beauty mesmerising and so capable of taking so many of us viewers on a wonderful ride and journey.
Although that said, I might say that this time around Disney really went quite blatant with the easter egg of their upcoming projects. It’s no mystery to all who are fans that Disney always sneak in easter eggs of their upcoming projects in many various forms for the keen-eyed fan. This movie though had much less subtlety than the ones before.
For those who have been following, I see Moana there. ;D
I won’t go further than that.
The feels for this movie are there. It is a heartwarming, touching tale and that’s the way movies should be. It’s all about story and not just bling or techno visual wizardry.
Safe to say, it left me captivated and fulfilled walking out of the cinema. There was also a tinge of sadness.
The thing is, like with all movies, I stay back and watch the credits, a habit I picked up ever since my days in RnH. Not for any hidden endings or anything but just to see the names. It’s actually a good habit because the credits tell several stories, not least of which is the amount of work put in to give us that magical 1.5 hours or so in the cinema hall.
A movie that has left such an impression and brought some magic back into my life such as this left me with nostalgia and a lot of food for thought. As I watched the movie credits scroll I was transported back into the world of cinema, to be reminded of the world that I used to be in.
The cinema experience holds a special place for many of us, a place where we go in to get transported away to fantastical worlds and endless possiblities only imaginable by the human mind. And to be a part of the team that brought such magic to many hearts, that’s really something amazing and meaningful.
It really got me thinking a lot. The pride of being part of such a team isn’t about the fame, that one was part of some grand money-making pursuit. No. It’s just simply the satisfaction I get from being part of a meaningful journey.
Entertainment brings people to far away lands that only exists in the imagination, something reality always snaps us out of. Even if for a mere 1.5 hours or so, being able to bring people a plethora of emotions and experiences and take them away from the drudgery of reality, there’s a certain sense of nobility to it.
We artists who are part of the entertainment industry give people an avenue to go beyond the confines of their realities. We play an important role in expanding the mind and filling it with many possibilities out there, or planting ideas and thoughts when there was none to begin with.
I have to say that being in this industry for a good 6 or 7 or so years, I am filled with this sort of pride and inner happiness. That I was a part of something that impacted the lives of viewers.
The issues and grievances faced in my journey were never really about the work done but come instead from the people I had come across who had ulterior motives other than to be happy and be part of this mental playground and imaginative work world.
Watching the credits roll, I felt a little sad. I missed the world of cinema. I guess I am in another part of the industry now. But cinema will always have a special place for me.
But regardless, back to the creative industry as a whole.
There’s some meaning to the work I do; whether it’s being able to move the hearts of audiences and open their minds, or support and make the lives of the people behind such amazing works easier and smoother in the quest to create something that leaves a mark on others (the people outside the industry) and puts a tick in list of meaningful things in our lives (the ones inside the industry).
The team behind the work that all see on the monitors, screens and whatever else media outlets there are out there work tirelessly to bring ideas intangible to tangible forms and materials. They work hard because they believe in something. And throughout my years I’ve learnt that it takes a certain mind and heart to be a part of this industry. Those who have had other motives besides an artistic one (the artistic being a motive of passion and love for the work they do that they pay life, health and time for it), are the ones who don’t tend to last long in this industry.
It’s an industry of passion and like all craft, something that is worked upon and refined and embedded so much into the beings of those truly involved in it, that it becomes their lifeblood. You can’t take it out of them. It’s in their nature to want to create something beautiful, or be part of something amazing and extraordinary.
It’s a meaningful profession. It’s unfortunate that many traditional mindsets frown upon the artistic industry and claim it not practical or contain any significant impact on others. They couldn’t be more far from the truth.

The Dragon’s Loyalty Award


dragon-loyalty-award First of all, thank you to ALifeMoment for nominating me for this award. It took me quite some time to get down to doing it, what with all my running up and down. Yes, I have not forgotten about it.

To those who visit upon this post, please do pay her blog a visit. She has the most awesome recipes of food that has generous sprinkles of homeliness – simple and with heart and soul. But a warning to all, do not check her blog posts in the wee hours of the morning less you want to risk going hungry at the great food pictures. It always hits me whenever I drop by to look see. 😉

This blogger award is to be given to those who visit your blog often, like your posts, and leave comments.

According to the rules of this award I have to share some facts about myself…

  1. I am a person that’s very interested in the conceptual and philosophical

  2. I spend a lot of time in thought, questioning life and its many inner workings

  3. I am part of the entertainment industry – making a transition from digital artist to the production management side

  4. My favourite colour is white

  5. I believe that in life, nothing is more important than truth, honesty and integrity

  6. I am FMA (Filipino Martial Arts) practitioner going on for 3 years and encounting now 

  7. Everybody in life has their struggles, and behind every single journey lies one or many driving forces. Mine is self freedom and adherence to the call of duty as a son for his family. What is yours?

I would like to thank the following bloggers who have showed much of their support for my thoughts put to words. You are the ones who tell me that it is okay to be myself and speak my mind. Thank you. (this also includes you ALifeMoment)

Also, thank you to the fellow visitors who stop by my blog as well. I hope you enjoy your visit. 🙂

Liebster Award


Finally after all the running around with the demands of days and so on I finally get to have a sit down to do this.

Getting this award was a very pleasant surprise indeed. I always was curious about it, but I never thought I would get nominated, and so soon as well I might add.

Thank you so much for the nomination. I am humbled and honoured.

For those who get nominated, please do check out her blog. It is a wonderfully written blog that has words that are charismatic, drawing the passer-by in. If writing was a handcraft of threads and trinkets, she has made a beautiful tapestry with her hand (or fingers as it is typing on a keyboard).


The Liebster award is aimed at bringing the blogging community together.  It is awarded to blogs that have supported new and aspiring bloggers with the hopes of gaining further insights into the blogging community.  As this award aims to support and promote blog pages the rules are as follows:

  1. The nominated user must provide a link back to the person who nominated them.
  2. Provide 11 personal facts .
  3. Answer the  11 nominator questions. 
  4. Nominate 11 bloggers that have inspired you and ask them 11 nominator questions.

11 facts about myself :

1. I spend a lot of time, if not busy with the demands of the day, contemplating – figuring out connections that bind us all in the tangled web that is the human condition. There’s something rather interesting and thrilling about deciphering the living world around us.

2. I believe in divinity, and that everything that happens, happens for a reason. All part of a bigger plan. The question isn’t about being in shock at something that happens to you, good or bad. It’s about asking why it happened. And realising how the pieces fall together down the road – realising that if it had happened any other way, that which you seek or which you need to seek, wouldn’t be able to fall into your hands.

3. To add on to number 2, I’m not tied to any faith. But I have been exposed to a lot of it, as in I have practiced quite a couple (this has a far more deeper history behind it which I shall not go into detail). And this exposure has shown me that faith, despite differing practices and views, has practically the same moral compass. So I can never understand people who fight in the name of faith. Love man people. Why the hate?

4. I am an FMA (Filipino Martial Arts) practitioner, still a grasshopper though. A lot of hopping before I reach the top.

5. I believe that chivalry is not dead and in the world today, we need it more than ever. A code of honour and conduct among men.

6. I’m a hopeless romantic and a believer that a woman’s heart is a gift akin to something shining in a chest that only the divines can give. It is precious and should not be taken for granted. It’s the treasure that lies within the holy sanctum of a woman’s body which in itself is a temple that has to be respected.

7. For some reason, I’ve always loved English. It was my strongest subject in my schooling days. I have written many stories and poetry pieces, although during those infant-writer years, with lack of experience and a matured eye, the stories had little impact or weight. But as they say, learning is a life-long journey and I’m still on that road walking.

8. I enjoy writing my thoughts out, not only to share and practice my writing techniques, but to also provoke thought amongst readers. If I managed to do so I’m glad because hey, mission accomplished.

9. Above everything else in a person, I value a person with honesty and integrity. I am fortunate to have come across a couple of good souls, both in person and online (you know who you are :)).

10. I would love to travel to many places if ever I got the opportunity. Travelling to me is about the experience. It’s about trying to dive into the culture so much and then later come back home with a profound feeling as though you’re seeing it for the first time (in the words of T.S. Eliot). It’s about the travel being able to change the glasses you look through to perceive your world as you know it.

11. I used to hate history, but I now enjoy it. As with my hobby of connecting things I enjoy seeing the connections of the past to the present and learning why things are the way they are today. There’s always a reason for everything that happens.

(I realise that coming up with 11 facts about myself from the top of my head is kind of hard – akin to trying to net a piece of thread amongst wild ocean waves)

My answers for

1) Why do you blog?
To practice my writing skills and share thoughts that hopefully can provoke the reader to start contemplating and observe their world in a different light.

2) Which political personality has most inspired you?
I’m not really into politics but I have to lift my hat to some of them. Barrack Obama has this certain kind of charisma that just captivates me. Margaret Thatcher has my respect for personally thanking the British SAS for the Iranian Embassy incident. Any person, let alone a politician, who gives acknowledgement and credit to the men and women who give their lives so others can live peacefully deserves my respect. I could go on but I’ll leave it at that for now.

3) Snowy mountains or golden beaches?
Snowy mountains (for now) because I’ve never experienced snow. Beaches are too common. Unless of course it’s a romantic getaway.

4) Red lipstick or high heels?
Lipstick. Only because heels hurt and they are a hazard for the bone structure. I would not want a woman to have to go through hurt just to impress me.

5) If you could choose any superpower which one would it be?
The Force…use the Force.

6) Money, Power or Respect?
Respect. Money and power corrupts. Respect on the other hand, and I mean proper true respect, is the result of sacrifices and a dedication to duty, integrity and chivalry. A person I respect has my loyalty to him or her.

7) What makes you special?
I guess the ability to think rather deeply and have a way with words. Other than that, I like to do impressions 😀

8) If you could live anywhere in the world where would you choose?
New Zealand. Because it’s peaceful. Or somewhere serene. I lived a chaotic life. The only thing I want is peace.

9) If you could go back in time what would be the one thing you would change?
To find a cure for my mother’s disease. To have her in my life again.

10) What is your favourite saying?
God, no matter what happens, I believe in You. You know what’s best for me. Everything is in Your plan.

11) If your best friend were to use 3 words to describe you, what would they be?
Loyal, deep and scary when angry.

My nominations are :












My questions :

1. Why do you blog or write?

2. Where you would you go to observe a sunset?

3. What do you think society today in general lacks?

4. If you were to travel where would you go to?

5. Do you think money can solve all problems?

6. Are you interested in politics?

7. When you travel, what is the biggest reason for doing so? Culture? Cuisine? Relaxation?

8. Do you have any pets?

9. Favourite ice cream flavour?

10. Do you believe in the supernatural?

11. If you were to meet up with a fellow blogger, where would your ideal location be?


Good luck and have fun 🙂


Blinded by the Peaceful Soldiers


Beautifully said, wonderfully written – these words dance within the stage that is the thought bubbles of those who read it.
It’s a symphony the mind should take heed and observe. Notice the intricacies of the hidden message these words are trying to portray within their performance on our screen.
Apologies for being poetic but your writing technique is inspiring and a lesson for my writing hands (or typing fingers). And your message couldn’t be any clearer on what is important and needed in our society today.

The Taxi


The Taxi

I’m attempting a pingback, so if this doesn’t work, do correct me if i’m wrong >_<

It is something of a rough bump in the journey of life when such a thing happens.

It leaves a void that is hard to fill in. The things we do to take our mind off it eases that journey to healing. But that legacy left behind, that bond and memory. That is something that might be forgotten over time but never gone.

But it’s a sign of how strong that connection was with your mother. It’s a sign that until today, she still lives in you.

Immortality isn’t living forever, but remaining within the walls of memory, in the inner holy sanctum that is one’s heart.

I have been through such a lost as well and I must say that even until today, many years apart just means that many years of rowing your boat down the river of life away from the shores. The shores of safety are still in view, just a distance away.

But I believe that what’s remaining is her legacy. A new mission left behind, and that is to be the child that she has raised and wanted you to be. To follow in her footsteps, the very steps that inspired you and others who knew her and what made her a great person. =)

On Writing Strong Female Characters (Make Them Human)


Nicely said
A great treasure fills my bag of writing skills.
A noteworthy post

Corsets, Cutlasses, & Candlesticks

harkavagrant Couldn’t resist. Copyright Kate Beaton at Hark! A Vagrant.

I have a lot of thoughts about how to write strong female characters, but first I wanted to address the idea of “strong.” For female characters, strength tends to be equated with physical prowess. Think of “strong female characters”, and most people will immediately list the Buffys and the Xenas, because they are warrior women with superior fighting skills. But in creating strong female characters, it’s also important to look beyond the physical. The Sansa Starks of fiction are not any less strong than the Arya Starks just because they can’t pick up a sword and slay their enemies. There are the Felicity Smoaks of the world who find strength in their intelligence, and the Cersei Lannisters who use manipulation and cunning to drive their enemies to their knees.

To quote Neil Gaiman on this subject:

The glory of Buffy is…

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