A Dive Deeper into Havendol


Who am I behind the curtain?

Eugene is my real name. Some call me Eug. Some call me Neo.

Me? I’m just a thinker, a person who contemplates about the many questions in life.

Artists have the ability to express themselves through various methods and ways. I choose words because writing is my biggest strength.

I hope to inspire and definitely be inspired by the amazing minds out there in the blogosphere.
Nice to meet all of you!

Why Havendol as a username?

Havendol was a name of a kingdom in heaven I created when I started writing many years ago during my schooling days.

It was also used in my previous blog. Upon discovering WordPress I decided to revive it and use it again.

Just a word play on ‘haven’ and trying to make it a little more divine. I was young then.

About the link to the other blog

I created two blogs, HavenMindMuses and HavenTales.

HavenMindMuses was conceived first and was to be a repository for my thoughts and mental musings.

I had also planned to have the blog be a place for me to place my creative writings be it short stories or poetry pieces. With the introduction to weekly challenges added in I decided to create another blog specifically for it.

HavenTales was born from this.

Each site links to the other.

And then I came across the concept of pages. I can hear the crickets singing. Oh well…

Credit where credit is due

I had originally planned to remain anonymous and not include an about me page. (Also, it was because I had no idea about ‘pages’ so I didn’t know how to make an additional page for the ‘about me’ section.)

But thanks to http://grabyourmind.com/, I created an about page. Please visit his site. It contains very insightful posts.

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