Philosophical Muse : The World Is Still Beautiful


It’s been a while since I’ve last posted on a blog.

This will be my first post here. This blog will serve as a thought repository; whether it be philosophical bantering, questions and thoughts written in word form, observations, a voice during a silly and nutty state of mind, martial arts talk and etc.

Hello to all who visit this page, and hello to friends whom I’ve led here as well.

As the title describes, the world is still beautiful.

Yes it is, but when I say it, it’s not exactly in the context where :

In our life today of wars, famine, natural disasters, chaos, greed, corruption and basically general nasties; there are still people helping the needy, showing kindness and compassion.

Yes that is beautiful but in this current context, I’m talking about a world that we thought we knew until something makes us realise there’s more to it than what we know and perceive. And it’s in that discovery that you open your eyes and see the beauty that the world has to offer, and there’s a lot of it.

As we age many of us start to lose the very one thing that we had as children. Over the years, with the many layers of daily life experiences laid atop of it, it gets suppressed more and more.

It’s our sense of wonder.

There’s a beauty in the wide-eyes of a child. It’s the window to the soul, and this window is allowing the visual stimuli of the world to enter the sacred inner sanctum of the mind and heart of a person. There’re so many things to observe and so many things to take in. And the innocence of the child allows that window to be wide open to allow entry of said stimuli without prejudice or filter (which can sometimes be a bad thing depending on which content enters so parents to the rescue here!).

The mind of a person is empty when one comes into the world and is akin to a bowl / cup. When the ingredients of the world enter through the many channels of senses, the mind then becomes the platform for mental works. To sort things out, make sense of what’s going on, store important information; develop the mind, body and soul to adapt to this environment. And when creative juices start pouring in, it becomes the base for mixing and the end result is imagination.

Unfortunately as time goes by, many life experiences take our sense of wonder away. Life makes us jaded as we go on with it.

For with the beauty and serenity of joyous and happy moments in life, come its natural counterparts – the teaching powers of pain and hurt. And more often than not and rather prevalent it seems in our current day and age, the pain and hurt tend to overwhelm the happiness.

But not all is lost. Not all is grey and down, silent and mute, bitter and painful.

The light that brings the colour back to the muted world lies in discovery. There’s a joy and certain beauty to discovering something new. And no matter your age, it’s never too late.

As they say, learning is a life-long journey. To stop learning is to stagnate your mind and that is a downhill slope right there.

Even in an experience that is hurtful, there’s something to learn and take away from it. We can’t know what it’s like to get burnt until we’ve touched something hot. The question then lies in how much of a magnitude and price to pay is such a lesson (which we hope isn’t high; rather a hand burnt by a flaming match or boiling pot as opposed to having front-row seats in a burning building).

I feel that as our bodies need food, water and oxygen to survive, so does our mind need fresh new ideas and concepts, and the soul new experiences and realisation to keep us alive.

It’s an uplifting experience discovering something new, and if we dissect that, go deeper and find that which is hidden from plain view, that further enhances the experience. It puts us in a different level and state of mind. Something that seems dreary may then seem different. There’s a higher level of appreciation, awareness or perception.

Knowledge is a step-ladder that takes you higher, making the view better because you can then see further from a newer vantage point.

So what is there to look for when you scratch beneath the surface?

As cliche as it sounds, we are all connected somehow. And everything around us bears the invisible thread(s) that is connected to another element in this plane of existence. Discovering how we are connected is a thrilling hunt indeed.

Even if you’re not looking and a new eye-opener suddenly popped up on some idle Tuesday, that in itself calls for a sense of wonder.

Discovery is the result of a journey of exploration (some short, most are long), the reward for the hard work put in to the search for an answer to a question, no matter how big or small. Answers to questions don’t usually come easy even though they may be there, plain as day. A search is most of the time imminent, but there’s nothing wrong with spending one’s time (time that can be afforded of course) to learning / discovering something new.

And there’s a certain kind of feeling.

When you go to unfamiliar territory, and after you make that journey and find your answer, you then return back to square one to where all are familiar again with a new addition to your arsenal of knowledge, you start to see what you once knew a little bit different and in a new light. A higher level of consciousness and awareness allows you that view. You put on your brand new experience glasses and see that the familiar world is now a new world.

No matter the magnitude of the discovery, your world won’t be the same as it used to be. Sometimes you may not notice it, but there is certainly a different feeling as perceptions change.


“We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.”

– T.S. Eliot –


So step back, look around you. Try to regain that sense of wonder and open yourself to new discoveries. See and realise how connected we are, see something that we have not seen before, and realise the inner workings of what makes something or someone or somewhere the way it is today.

Alter your perception, no matter how big, on the existance that you know. Take what is good in your travels and drop what is not needed or bad. Change the lightbulb above your head to a different one, switch it on and let it illuminate your world for you to see things in a different light.

Look past the mundane, seek the hidden answers, go on an adventure of discovery.

And when you let the joy of discovery into your system, be one with it, you will realise; beneath all the monotony of our lives, the perceived bleakness and chaos of our realm, hidden away from our eyes by the veils of the mundane…

The world is still beautiful.